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Our Mission

To provide continuous improvement to meet and exceed our current and potential clients' needs and expectations.

Providing sustainable and innovative range of services to build long term partnerships through our Win- Win strategy. 


Our Story


We are Venus international transport, one of the international leading freight forwarding and logistic services companies, that was established in 1986 with the aim to be a strategic partner that provides integrated logistics services. We cover all the worldwide destinations.


For the last 3 decades, Venus is considered as the top freight forwarder in the middle East and Africa, and managed to have a great record of achievements.


To be one of the worldwide integrated logistics services providers, with the total commitment to: 

  • Our partners 

  • Our market 

  • Our society

  • Having all certificates as IATA, FIATA, EIFFA, EIFFLA, ISO 9001 ...etc.

  • Representing more than 22% of the total airfreight export out of Egypt.

  • Chartering B747F, A330F, A310F, B777F ..etc and doing all related services for it.

  • Exceptional relationships with all national and international market stakeholders.

  • Chartering more than 300 freighters yearly. 

  • Solid financed with zero defaults in the 34 years.


Experienced Leadership



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